There is always an invitation to be liberated.

Are your thoughts about yourself and your life keeping you from being FULLY YOU? Shifting your ideas about yourself and your world can be the most significant step you can take towards finding freedom. 

We often look for freedom in places that will only keep us imprisoned. Our minds and hearts can direct us either closer towards or further away from the liberation for which we so desperately long. The way that we choose to think can either create our reality to be one of freedom or confinement. 

In our modern world, we have to continually grapple with a multitude of made up rules that can sometimes keep us from experiencing our own lives. Those rules become the thoughts that we adopt into our minds, which can make it seem like our lives aren't ours to live. We have to ask ourselves if it's worth it to try and keep up with the demands that are put on us by our families or societies. I know, at least for myself, I would rather create my life to reflect my unique view of the world than to try and make sense of someone else's.

What if YOU were able to create the rules? What if you didn't have to adopt someone else's view of the world? What if you could free yourself from all the ways of thinking that are keeping you from living in your fullness? 

As long as your ideas are rooted in LOVE towards yourself and others, you can give yourself permission to create new ways of thinking and being. What if there were no box around you? How would you choose to live?


Thoughts are created and live in your mind, and from there are implemented into every part of your life. The way that you think is the way that you will be. The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the people you surround yourself with, and even the job that pays your bills; all of these choices were made because of the thoughts you have about yourself and your life. This may seem obvious. But it isn't until we lift ourselves up to look down on our lives from a bird's eye view, that we can see why we have made the choices we have made.

We can choose to SEE in a new way. Instead of choosing to continue filling up our minds with thoughts that keep us stuck and burdened, we can choose to replace these unhealthy notions with ones that offer a lightness to our load and true liberation.

The next time a thought has you stuck and burdened, ask yourself this: Can I choose to see this thought differently? Can I rise above this thought and replace it with a new one? 

I hope that we, as a collective whole, can begin to fully embrace the truth of who we are and who we hope to become. The truth is, we CAN find the freedom that we are looking for. In fact, there is no "finding" involved. We don't have to go on a long and winding journey to discover the freedom of living in our fullness. The liberation we seek is right here and right now. 

How will your new thoughts reshape the way you see yourself and the world around you?

- Emily

Emily Farr