radiate like the sun

Solo road trips are just good for my soul. When I take a road trip, it’s like pressing a reset button. Having that kind of solitude helps me to reconnect to myself and my inner clarity. It helps to remind me of the things that I love and cherish the most. Yesterday on the drive back home I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the Texas sunset and the light rain filling the sky with a layer of mist. So I literally stopped my car on the shoulder of the road, got out, and stood in the rain. Luckily there weren’t any cars passing at the time, so no one witnessed my “Maria from Sound of Music” moment. I could hear the birds and smell the rain. It was one of those moments that just made me feel really alive. I live for moments like that. 

During the drive, I was listening to Shonda Rhimes’ book, “Year of Yes”which is an AMAZING book. Shonda narrates the audiobook and is just so truthful and real. It had me in tears several times and helped to awaken a sense of strength within me. I was feeling so inspired and so alive that once I finished the book I had the urge to write. I opened up the notes app in my phone and started to talk into it. I imagine that through these words, I’m talking to myself and I’m talking to all the people I know who struggle with feeling the need to put themselves in a box. I’m talking to a collective whole, to the ones who are scared to be BIG. What comes to mind when you think about the idea of SELF LOVE? Does it seem hokey? Vain? Self-centered? 

Here's what I think. The world needs people who are in love with themselves, who are in love with their lives. More people need to live in this way so that they can shine that love into the dark corners of someone else’s heart and show them that self love is possible and transformational. I also like to think that I’m saying this to my future kids. I don’t want my kids to be fearful of living in the fullness of who they are. Here is a small portion of my solo road trip ranting.

“No more shrinking. No more apologizing for who you are. No more hiding in the shadows. You know who you are. You are vibrant, sparkling, and alive.

You get to choose to be everything that you are…that’s your contribution to the world. When you choose to be fully you, you become a person that the world needs.

By being a light, by being yourself,  by being who you have always been deep inside; that is enough. That has always been enough. Don’t hold yourself back anymore. Be alive in your own skin and shine. Shine so bright.

Fear has no place in the sun. Fear only exists in the shadows and when you step out into the light you can become the person you were meant to be. The world needs more people who are willing to be bold enough to be themselves. Stand firmly in the truth of who you are. There are no rules. Or better yet, you CREATE the rules. You get to create the rules for your life based on the truth of who you are at the core.

Shine your light so that others can feel the warmth on their faces, so that they can rediscover their own luminous light. Don’t forget that a bright shining light like the sun doesn’t have to ask the world “am I shining well enough for you today?” It just shines its light. And that is what you are. You are a sun. You radiate.”



Emily Farr